Game Day: Collingwood vs Geelong (Round 22, 2015)

Good morning everyone. This week’s Game Day thread is now online. I look forward to having your company in here tonight as the Magpies take on the Cats in what is definitely the second-last game of the season for one of these teams, and possibly for the other as well. Over to you…

Game Day: Collingwood vs Richmond (Round 21, 2015)

Attention all residents of TCB, your Game Day thread for this week’s clash against the newly-crowned biggest, baddest, most well-attended, most meanest nasty dog on the block (which also still answers to the name of Richmond) is online. All late changes and news and opinions and the like are welcome, unless you are a Richmond …

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Game Day: Collingwood vs Sydney (Round 20, 2015)

Good afternoon, everyone. Apologies for the delay in getting it up on the blog, but the Game Day thread for tonight’s do-or-die clash against the Sydney Swans is now online. As always, late mail and changes and the like, put them all in here. All opinions and commentators are welcome, unless you’re a Sydney supporter, …

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The Last Gasp for 2015

Previously, I had mentioned that whilst the second half of our year was reminiscent of 2014, there were some important differences — most notably in our performances against the league leaders. The recent fortnight however, has taken a more disappointing and familiar turn.

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Game Day: Collingwood vs Carlton (Round 19, 2015)

Good morning, everyone. Here is our Game Day thread for this week’s clash against the arch-enemy Carlton. All late changes, commentary, subs and the like go in here. Suffice to say, this is simply a must-win game if we are to keep our dwindling finals hopes alive. Congratulations to Ben Reid both on his triumphant …

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Game Day: Collingwood vs Melbourne (Round 18, 2015)

Rise and shine, ladies and gentlemen. This here is your Round 18 Game Day thread for this afternoon’s clash between Collingwood and Melbourne. All late changes, subs, opinions and the like go in here and all are welcome to contribute… except for the Melbourne supporters, but seeing as the Wi-fi up on the snowfields is …

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Déjà Vu, With a Difference

It has been a most interesting season to date, one that saw us climb into the top four toward the halfway point after banking some comprehensive victories against struggling clubs during the early stages.  Since that zenith however, brief as it now appears, we have lost five in a row and find ourselves in 11th …

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Game Day: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs (Round 17, 2015)

Good morning, fellow residents of TCB. This is your official Game Day thread for this week’s 8 point Round 17 clash between our Collingwood and their Western Bulldogs. All the late news, changes, subs, opinions, goss and the like, all are welcome in here. Unless you’re a Bulldog, in which case, haven’t you got somewhere …

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Game Day: Collingwood vs West Coast (Round 16, 2015)

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This week’s Game Day thread for this afternoon/evening’s clash against the Eagles of West Coast is now online. Over to you…

Pride, But No Points: The Last Three

Three games have played out since the last time I wrote, and three incredibly insightful games at that.  Since the fixture was released, this string would have been nervously highlighted by the supporter base as potentially the most informative block of games when gauging the improvement and general direction of our team.  Unfortunately we have …

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