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Discussing Dekka: A Prelude to the Draft

After contemplating how to get back into the saddle, with the draft a little over 24 hours away it seemed to me that a piece on Derek Hine was topical and maybe even overdue. Having basked in the satisfaction of being one of the architects of our triumph in 2010, it would be fair to say that the years since have not been nearly as rewarding for our head of recruitment.

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The Extension

For those of you who have followed my diminishing contributions on this blog, I like to think that over the journey – which has been a rocky one in recent years – I have always tried to be reasoned and balanced with my views. Needless to say it has been difficult at times, particularly with our frustrating performances and the general disillusionment that follows such struggles, to be measured and find the silver linings, as faint as they have been at times.

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The Home Stretch 2017

This season has been much like the ones that preceded it, but we have at least been treated with some interesting spectacles towards the death. We triumphed in the final minutes after a messy contest against the Eagles at Etihad Stadium and most recently, played part in a dramatic draw against the ladder leaders Adelaide at the MCG.

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